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Dyslexia is a difference not a disability. Dyslexics process tasks in a differing way to non-dyslexics (neuro-diversity). Is it not possible because of this differing way of the brain, that dyslexia is can be seen as a cultural diversity.

I have created many changes to this site recently, and hope that I do not offend any sensibilities. I applied to start a Dyslexia Handheld Computer wiki, and was told by the Wikia administrators that I should join this Dyslexia wiki. I hesitated several weeks, as it seemed that the scope of discussion on this wiki had so far been restricted to one subject, quite far from my own. But after mulling over options, and seeing that discussion on the subject of represention of people with dyslexia seemed to have stalled, I decided to jump in and try to broaden the scope of the wiki, to include and invite any area of interest related to dyslexia or dyslexics.

I have created a page dedicated to [Dyslexic Representation]on which I have copied the phrase from the home page: "This wiki is about the role those with dyslexia play in society. There are those that believe that dyslexics should not drive, others believe that dyslexics should not attend higher levels of education. Or represent themselves with government agencies etc." This is still on the home page, but no longer on the Main page, which instead has a prominent link to the Dyslexic Representation page. I have also copied the text from this main page discussion page onto the Dyslexic Representation discussion page, and unless I read objections here in the next days, I will start a new thread of discussion on this main page discussion page.Patty scheel 09:32, 7 September 2006 (UTC)

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