The wiki for the dyslexia community Edit

The word "dyslexia" comes from the Greek, "dys" meaning "difficulty" and "lexis" meaning "language and letters." It affects between 5 - 15% of the population.

The Dyslexia Wiki will include information for dyslexics, and about dyslexia.

Primarily, it will be a community forum for discussions and for collaborative projects centered on dyslexia and dyslexics.

Dyslexia at Wikipedia Edit

The Dyslexia article at Wikipedia is a major collaborative project, at which knowledgeable people are encouraged to add to the definition of dyslexia, and to the lists of existing resources.

There are many, many resources available on the internet for information about and support for those with dyslexia. Start at Wikipedia:Dyslexia for more information and many links to other resources.

Dyslexia Handheld Computer project Edit

Another is a collaborative design project aimed at the creation of a handheld computer specifically for dyslexic learners. Wikis were initially invented by programmers to collaboratively design software. Join other interested community members design a Dyslexia Handheld Computer.

Improving representation of the dyslexia community Edit

One project at this wiki is a discussion of the role that those with dyslexia play in society. See Dyslexic Representation.

If you are involved in another collaborative project centered on dyslexia, that you believe would benefit from being in this forum, please add it to this wiki. [[Category:STREPHOSYMBOLIA : DR.Samuel Torrey Orton coinesd the term from a combination of two words strepho (meaning Twisted) and Symbolia (meaning Symbolic or symbols) i.e. Twisted Symbols as pertaining to letters that appear the same when viewed in a mirror RE: qp db bd pq , this relates to dysgraphia or confusion in understanding text in it`s proper format as upper case Capitol letters may be easy to understand , Lower case text may become a problem for a dyslexic without one on one training. strephosymbolia is not true word blindness but rather true mirror image vision. for those of you who see in the mirror view i invite you to view paschar recent pictures and profile . Professopr Stephen D. Waner]]

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