"Judith Stansfield has been involved with using technology to support learning differences for 20 years. She assesses the learning needs of children and young people and then suggests software and hardware solutions and strategies to increase their independent learning. She has also been involved in training teachers and support assistants to use ICT effectively to promote learning for these pupils. She was a founder member of the National Association of Special Education Needs ICT Group and has been a member of the British Dyslexia Association Computer Committee for many years." Source: . Here one can find a power point presentation titled "Dyslexia and the computer - ICT for assessing and assisting", and which is "a demonstration of computer software by Judith Stansfield including an overview of current systems and a case study of a pragmatic approach to accessing ICT needs of children with disabilities."

"Communicating Through Writing" is a downloadable book which gives an overview of technology to support people with dyslexia and other learning differences and help them to establish independence. So, in addition to offering advice on study and exam skills, author Judith Stansfield also looks at uses of this technology in everyday and professional life. In addition to examining the wide range of hardware currently available, Judith also takes a look at the different types of software that can be useful for those with learning differences." Source:

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